Executive Coaching

Coaching is regarded as one of the most effective means of executive development within an organization because it provides focused, one-to-one attention in areas the executive most needs to develop and offers guidance at diagnosing developmental needs and helping executives resolve problems and develop their skills. The idea behind working with a coach is to bring clarity to the issue and develop a plan of action for tackling it.  The coach will play an accountability partner role in driving the conversation towards but not limited to the following: 

i.Career progression: 

a) Towards a Group Leader: Focus on organization and people; Envision a compelling future; Build alignment and innovation; Promoted for leadership & results; Build company brand. 

b)Towards a Team Leader: Focus on tasks & get them right; Manage resources efficiently; Build capable teams; Promoted for technical excellence; Build personal brand

ii.Interpersonal skills: Listening; Participative decisions; Engaging others; Sensitivity to others; Communicating.

iii.Strategic thinking: Strategic focus; Effective delegation; Time on strategy; Visionary communication.

iv.Sales focus: Management focus on sales; Participation in sales; Development of sales staff; Quality of relationships; Quality of pipeline.

Package: The coaching program runs through a period of 3 months up to 12 sessions or 6 months up to 24 sessions through a weekly schedule. Contact us for more information on your investment to a contextualized program.


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