What is Transformational coaching? 

Transformational Coaching is an integrated model of coaching the cornerstone of which is the above belief. In this model of coaching, a relationship is created that endeavours to bring about an awakening which reflects your greatness and enables you to transform to assume higher than realized levels of existence and create a more fulfilling, more meaningful future. Principal purpose is to nurture the human mind, body and spirit and allow people to learn and grow. There are 3 stages to transformational coaching;

•Transforming who people are – empowering client to create a shift in their perception about themselves to help them learn, grow and produce results they truly desire.

•Coaching people to learn to do new things – enabling the client to change / reshape their patterns of thinking to move them from where they are getting stuck and to do things differently.

•Coaching for incremental improvement – coaching people to continuously improve their current practices or do what they are already doing better.

Transformational versus Transactional:-

Transactional coaching relates to the achievement of desired goals and improved performance. It largely involves working with another person to help them develop clearly self-set goals, which are then pursued to success. The development of the skills required to achieve those goals may also form part of these interactions. Transformational coaching surpasses yet includes transactional coaching. It includes similar techniques, but it relates to personal growth - an individual's psychological development. With it comes a growing capacity to explore and understand ourselves together with more and more perspectives and, as a result, an ability to deal with greater complexity.

The fundamental difference between the two approaches lies in how the client is focused. Transactional coaching starts from the premise that the client knows, or will uncover, what they want to achieve based on their existing way of being. As a result, the role of the coach is to help the client develop clarity about their goals and then put the strategies in place to achieve them. This can be seen as a process of narrowing focus. Transformational coaching begins with a different premise. This approach initially seeks to expand the client's focus and view the world more broadly as a means of developing goals which address greater complexity before focusing on achieving those goals.

This distinction means that transactional coaching has a short-term and narrower focus, whereas transformational coaching embraces a longer term view with a dynamic focus that expands and narrows as required.                              

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